CWA Staff

Who's who at CWA:

Principal: Miss Kate Holland

Senior staff:

Vice Principal: Mrs Andrews  Learning and Assessment

 Assistant Vice Principal: Miss Kirkbride

 KS1 Leader and EYFS class teacher: Mrs Frew

 SENCo: Mrs Jones


Teaching staff:


Year 6: Mrs Bryan                      Mrs McLean  


Year 5: Miss Kirkbride    + Mrs Skipper (student teacher)           Mr Nathan             


Year 4:Mrs Andrews               Mrs Lever (HLTA)                                         


Year 3: Mrs Mozom               Miss McCormick (HLTA)


Year 2: Mrs Ayling               Mrs Kasibo  Miss Steen


Year 1: Miss Hoskin               Miss Prendergast     Mrs Tye     

EYFS: Mrs Frew                     Mrs Carpenter              Mrs Brooks (HLTA)     


Speech and Language Unit:         Mrs Jones            Mrs Gedney                


Sports Specialist: Mr Ryan

Music specialist: Mrs Forrester

Social Worker: Lydia Read (Monday / Tuesday and Friday)

Intervention Teacher:

Mrs Kitshoff - Key Stage 1 Reading specialist teacher

Miss Blackwell, KS1 Apprentice



Mrs Collura – Office Manager and HR

Mrs Evans - Finance Manager

Mrs Wallace - Administration Assistant


Site Manager:

 Mr Copas

Mid Day assistants

Mrs Cheryl Hoare

Mrs Christina Richardson

Mrs Joanne McConnel

Mrs Kerry O'Donoghue