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Safer Internet Day 2017 - Next parent workshop for e-safety will be on 21st November 2017

This year for Safer Internet Day we were thinking about our presence on the internet, lots of people can see what we post and comment so we need to make sure we are kind and positive.

Around school we had questions and photos to answer and comment on. We were encouraged to write our names so we could see who had said what, just like when you post something online. The staff are pleased to say the children wrote some thoughtful answers to the questions and some kind comments to the photos (even though some staff members were instructed to write unkind comments).

Here are some of the children's answers:

How do we communicate online?

“on facebook”

“on skype”




“you tube”

“games consoles”

How can we make the internet a better place?

“By not saying mean things”

“By not making things up and tricking people”

“Respecting each other”

“Being kind”

“Making your choices better”

“Send nice photos”

How would it feel to receive a 

hurtful message online?

“I would get angry”

“I would feel sad”

“I would feel very sad”

“I would stay off the internet for the day”

“I will feel hurt”


“Worried and sad”


How would it feel to receive a kind, positive message online?

“I would feel positive about the internet”


“I would feel grateful and happy”

“happy and excited”