Royal Marines Visit

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Royal Marines Assembly

By Tia, Harvey, James, Annaelise, Abi, Mary and Cody

When we entered the hall, there was a huge sign with exciting pictures of the Royal Marines. We were all wondering what they were going to do! During the assembly, Lizzie showed us her flute and piccolo and gave us a demonstration of what they sounded like. The piccolo was smaller so had a higher pitch, some of us had to cover our ears! Two volunteers, Kye from year 2 and Zakari from year 3 went out to the front to try on some outfits. Kye wore an army vest, a huge army backpack and an army helmet which covered his eyes. Zakari tried on the band uniform; the trousers were too big for him! He also wore a blazer, sash and helmet, which were equally big! Lizzie showed us photos of her in her music lessons, of where she’d been and what she’d done whilst in the Royal Marines. She even showed us a picture of herself on her first day when she was only 18! She told us you need to be 16 to enter the Royal Marines, which means the children in year 6 could join in only a few years! Lizzie played us a piece of music on both the flute and piccolo. At the end Lizzie and her friend Nev answered questions for us. We were really lucky because the KS1 children got given a medal as they left the assembly and KS2 got given a pencil each. We all found the assembly really interesting and inspiring. 

Before the assembly Harvey and Tia interviewed Lizzie. Click below to open the interview.

Interview with the Royal Marines.docx