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World Book Day

By Harvey & Annaelise

World book day was FUN!

World book day was about dinosaurs. We dressed up as dinosaurs, dinosaur hunters and scientists. Charles Warren Academy was told there was a dinosaur in the wild life area. We all thought the dinosaur was very big. We found some foot prints leading to the wild life area, we followed them and saw three spotty eggs in a HUGE nest! We spent time researching which dinosaur it might be, but never managed to get to the bottom of it! We guess we’ll never really know what happened the day the dinosaur came to school.


Mother’s Day Assembly

By Tia, James and Mary

On Friday 7th of March, Charles Warren Academy celebrated Mothers Day by hosting a Mother’s Day assembly. Each class played a different part to the performance, year four gave flowers to the mum’s and year one gave cakes to the mums as well. The mum’s then joined us for Enrichment Time! We think the assembly was very successful and hope you do too!