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Year 2 - Mrs Andrews

The year 2 staff would like to extend a warm welcome to you! We look forward to working with all the children and their families, to help them grow into individuals of good character and develop and nurture their academic careers. We will do the best possible job we can to make sure your children are always learning, laughing and ‘making their best better’.

Year 2 is an important year for learning, it is the year when children should become competent and confident in all areas, but particularly in reading, writing and maths. To ensure that the children become the best they can be, it is important that support in all three areas is being provided at home as well as at school. 


Please be aware that in the summer term year 2 will have KS1 SATs which will test their progress over the last two years. It is important that children attend school every day and attendance during SATs week will be compulsory.

For more information please follow this link: 

2017 national curriculum tests for key stages 1 and 2:information for parents


I am looking forward to continuing to work together, seeing you grow as learners so that we have a very exciting and productive year. It is my goal to provide all children with an educationally challenging, yet fun, experience in my classroom. I hope that you enjoy the new challenges and approaches to learning that Year 2 has to offer! 


I have high expectations for your child and I will do all that I can to help your child achieve those expectations. You can help. I will be expecting all tasks given in class to be completed. Of course, all children do not work at the same pace. Some children will get their work done in class and some will not. Whether or not your child gets his or her work done in class will depend on their attitude and effort in the lesson. If your child does not complete a task in class, he or she will be required to complete it in their own time. The way you can help is to ask your child every school day if school work needs to be done, and if so, make sure your child completes the activity. 


Our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday. Please ensure your child has a full PE kit of a white T-shirt and black shorts, including trainers or plimpsols as PE will take place outside whilst the weather permits. Children may have jogging bottoms and jumpers for colder weather.

Please ensure girls have their hair tied up. Please ensure earrings are taken out. Please remember warm outside clothes during this winter period as the children will go outside whenever possible.



Please support us by taking the time to listen to your child read as often as possible. As well as listening to your child read, please ask them questions about the book.  Please see the accompanying ‘bookmark’ for prompt questions and ideas. We appreciate that you all lead busy lives, but just five minutes of extra reading a day can really aid progress in reading.

Reading books will only be changed once a week, this is because the National Curriculum states that children need at least a week to fully understand and learn a story to be used within their learning.

There will be termly rewards for children who have read the most: reading once a week at home will get the children a sticker, reading more than once a week will get the children lots of stickers. The child with the most stickers will get a reading prize at the end of term.

Inside the reading records you will find some pages to support you and your child  with their phonics.




Ø Spellings

    Test every WEDNESDAY

    New spellings to go home on FRIDAY


Ø Literacy

    Previous week’s homework in every WEDNESDAY

    New homework to take home on FRIDAY



    PE kit every TUESDAY and THURSDAY


Ø Maths

    Mental Maths/Times table test every THURSDAYS

    Homework to take home and previous week’s to hand in



Ø Reading – Every Day at home

    Please remember to READ with your child EVERY DAY

    Please remember to bring the READING RECORD BOOK to school EVERY DAY

    Write the name of the book, sign it and feel free to write a short comment J


Autumn Term 2017

In this fascinating topic, the children will learn to Recognise and explain why The Great Fire of London happened and the changes that occurred as a result.  As well as identify differences between ways of life of people at the time of the fire, compared with today.  Then move on to use maps, atlases and globes to locate different countries, including arctic regions. Being able to name and locate the world’s continents. While through Science explain how animals and people adapt to their environment.

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27 Sep 2017, 11:02
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