Year 4 - Mrs Skipper

Welcome to Year Four

I am thrilled to be your Year Four teacher and I can’t wait to work together with you all.  I want to provide a fun and enriching environment where children feel safe and enjoy learning.  


I admire children taking responsibility for their learning.  I don’t expect them to get everything correct, but I do expect all children to make an effort and try their best at all times.  I have high expectations for all the children in my class and I will work hard to help your child achieve.


Children are let into school at 8.35am and I will start children working on a morning activity straight away.  I also use the time between 8.40am and 9am to work with children in small intervention groups.  Children who do not arrive at 8.35am lose valuable learning time.  Over the school year this can add up to over 70 hours of lost learning, which can make a massive impact on your child’s progress.  Therefore, please ensure that your child arrives in the playground and is lined up for 8.35am.


Children will get their homework on a Friday and it needs to be returned into school the following Wednesday. If children do not understand their homework, they must see me on Monday lunchtime.  If they do not bring in their homework, this means that it will need to be completed in Thursday/Friday lunch time.


Spellings will be placed in homework books and reading records on Friday.  Spellings test will take place on a Wednesday.  If all the class does not achieve a minimum of seven out of ten, the test will be repeated on Friday.  Children will receive a spelling report in their reading record on a Wednesday.  Any child who gets less than seven out of ten will be given a spelling help sheet to complete over Wednesday and Thursday evenings, to help them improve on the second test.

Times Tables

Good times tables knowledge is vital for quick mental maths calculations and problem solving.

We complete the 144 Challenge in school on Wednesday and times tables tests on Friday.  Please encourage your child to practise their times tables daily.  As you walk to school, or in the car just throw a few questions at them – it makes such a difference!  Starting Year 4, children should be confident in their 2,3,4,5,8 and10 times tables.  At the beginning of Year Four we will focus on the 6,7, and 9 times table.  By the end of Year Four children should know all their times tables, this will enable them in Year Five to move onto more complicated concepts.


Reading is a vital skill, please support us and your child by listening to them read as often as possible. I appreciate that life is hectic (I too, have a child in Year Four), but just five minutes of extra reading a day can really help your child’s progress through the curriculum.  I have a list of questions which you can use when reading with your child, please ask if you would like a copy.

Children’s reading records will be checked on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  If a child has not read since the last check, then they will need to read at lunch time.  Please ensure that children bring their book and reading record into school every day, as we try to allocate reading time in school throughout the week.

Children need to complete a book report on finishing their book, this shows that not only have they read the book but also understood it as well. 

We go to the library on a Friday, so please ensure that your child brings in their book to change it.  


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