Year 6 - Mrs Bryan and Mrs McClean

We’re the Year 6 teachers and we’re hoping that we can rely on all of you to help us ensuring that your experience this year is the “best it can be”!


Please be aware that in the summer term year 6 will have KS2 SATs. It is important that children attend school every day and attendance during SATs week will be compulsory.

For more information please follow this link:

2017 national curriculum tests for key stages 1 and 2: information for parents

2017 SATs :  A Video guide for KS2 parents


We’re sure by now most of you are really organised and always have pens, pencils, rulers and coloured pencils ready for your lessons; if not Year 6 is the time to sort this out. If you need any special equipment then we will have it in school for you. However, you should remember to have your own set square in preparation for geometry. You will need your PE kit every Friday.

                            Your Work                                                            

We have a lot to do this year as we have the end of key stage tests (SAT’s) in May.  That means we have to do all our year 6 work and revise everything you have learned since year 3! We will expect you to try your best at all times. If you are putting in 100% effort we will do what ever it takes to help you. The date of SATs week will be 8th – 12th May 2017 and attendance will be compulsory during this week.


We will keep a record of all homework that is set. If you are absent when homework is handed out, then we do normally expect you to still to do it. We keep a record of all homework handed in. Homework must be handed in by the due date.


By Year 6 we’re sure you all know how to behave so that you set a good example to the younger children in the school. We will follow the School Code of conduct.

By Year 6, we expect everyone to realise that their behaviour is their choice. This means that you cannot blame anyone else for what you do.

When we are working it is probably easier for everyone if we work quietly but we appreciate that some of the activities we do will involve some noise; if we want everyone to be quiet we will count backwards from 5, and expect everyone to be quiet by zero.

Dates for your Diary


Bank Holiday Monday


Class visit to MK recycling centre


Assessment week


‘Get Caught Reading’ week


Bedtime Stories (All family members welcome)


Inset Day

27.5 —5.6.17

Half Term


Sparkling Starter ( A n exploration of space through music and art)


Science Day


Mobile Planetarium visit to year 6


Assessment week


Sports day

14.7.17                                              Earth & Space Exhibition

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